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*Plurality is an emerging field focused on human cooperation at scale.


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Our network includes academics from across disciplines including computer science, political science, and philosophy, as well industry researchers and civil and governmental leaders, who are working in fields ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Peace Studies.

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Industry Events

We host and promote a range of events including an annual industry-wide conference, symposia on focused topic areas, and online workshops.


2024 Equitable Tech Summit

Decentralization Research Center

Washington, D.C.

Decisions we make today about the ownership and governance of revolutionary technologies, like A.I. and blockchain, may set the course of the next century. The 2024 Equitable Tech Summit will bring together 100 leading policymakers, regulators, academics, and industry experts to discuss solutions, build relationships, and align on steps forward.

Washington, D.C.


Workshop on the Ostrom Workshop: Commons, Polycentricity, and Democracy

Indiana University Bloomington

Bloomington, IN

The Workshop on the Ostrom Workshop (WOW7) conference will bring together researchers, students, and alumni to reconnect and meet new colleagues and to explore a diverse range of topics and new approaches to the study of governance and institutions. The conference theme -- Commons, Polycentricity, and Democracy -- foregrounds the challenges of managing commons and public goods, as well as advancing globally shared goals for sustainable development and the peaceful management of existing and frontier resource systems, at a time of accelerated and conflicting social, environmental, and political changes.

Bloomington, IN


Funding The Commons Tokyo

Funding the Commons

Shibuya City, Tokyo

​Funding the Commons Tokyo 2024 brings together presentations, panel discussions, and collaborative sessions, welcoming both in-person and virtual participants. It's a chance for builders, protocol developers, academics, and funders to talk, create, and share new ways to fund public goods.

Shibuya City, Tokyo

Build Peace Conference on Digital Peacebuilding

Virtual or in person.

4:50pm EST



We support the latest work in collective intelligence, deliberative democracy, tech for social inclusion and more.

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