What does Plurality mean?

Plurality is an emerging field of study that supports human diversity and cooperation. The goal of plurality is to support the purpose of technology as amplifying the power and value of human cognitive diversity, not resolving it into singularity.

What are plural technologies?

Plural technologies are online and offline systems that help diverse social groups thrive and cooperate. They include deliberative democracy platforms like Pol.is, community funding protocols like GitCoin and empathy building experiences like the Portals Policing Project.

Who attends Plurality Institute events?

Our events are designed for academic and industry researchers as well as people who are research adjacent (e.g. designers, practitioners and governmental leaders who interface with research). Welcome everyone who is research-curious to follow our work through our newsletter, YouTube channel, and social media. Looking for a broader movement that connects people from all walks of life? Check out our sister organization RadicalXChange.

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