Social Impact Summit 2024

Filecoin Foundation + USF + Blockchain Law for Social Good Center

The inaugural Social Impact Summit will center on the future of emerging tech – from AI to blockchain to decentralized tools – and dive into how these technologies can create lasting impact, empower communities, and foster collaboration across diverse industries.

San Francisco, CA
9 AM -4 PM PST


GETTING-Plurality — “A Roadmap for Governing AI: Technology Governance and Power-Sharing Liberalism”

Harvard Ash Center

In this session, we’ll hear from Danielle Allen, James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard University, Director of the Allen Lab, and presenting author of “A Roadmap for Governing AI: Technology Governance and Power-Sharing Liberalism.” Allen will be joined in conversation by commentator Rob Reich, McGregor-Girand Professor of Social Ethics of Science and Technology, Stanford University.

12:00 PM ET


Plurality Book Launch with Glen Weyl + Unconference

Plurality Institute

Glen Weyl, Audrey Tang and 500+ other collaborators are writing a book about Plurality and the future of collaborative technology and democracy. Come hear Glen share highlights from the book, have dinner with us, and connect with the broader Plurality community. Expect great conversations with people working in democratic AI, civic deliberation, tech for social cohesion and more.

Berkeley, CA


AI and the Future of Workplace Democracy

The GovLab + Northeastern University

Part of a lecture series on rebooting democracy in the age of AI. Speakers: Orly Lobel and Seth Harris.

12 PM ET


Funding The Commons: San Francisco Bay Area 2024

Funding The Commons

Funding The Commons will bring together builders, funders, and academics leading innovation in the public goods space. The focus is on two areas of rapid innovation underpinning fundamental infrastructure for navigating the digital-physical commons: AI and the Open Web.

Brower Center, Berkeley, California


CHI 2024

Apple + Adobe + Autodesk + Microsoft

The ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. The conference embraces the theme of Surfing the World – reflecting the focus on pushing forth the wave of cutting-edge technology and riding the tide of new developments in human-computer interaction. The conference serves as a platform for researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders to share their latest work and ideas and to foster collaboration and innovation in the field.

Honolulu, HI


Workshop on the Ostrom Workshop: Commons, Polycentricity, and Democracy

Indiana University Bloomington

The Workshop on the Ostrom Workshop (WOW7) conference will bring together researchers, students, and alumni to reconnect and meet new colleagues and to explore a diverse range of topics and new approaches to the study of governance and institutions. The conference theme -- Commons, Polycentricity, and Democracy -- foregrounds the challenges of managing commons and public goods, as well as advancing globally shared goals for sustainable development and the peaceful management of existing and frontier resource systems, at a time of accelerated and conflicting social, environmental, and political changes.

Bloomington, IN
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